Sunday, 26 May 2013

fish out of water

Well, it's been a while and I'm beginning to get comments from all sorts of people about my apparent lack of effort. So, I'm here again and off we go.

It's been a long few weeks and lots seems to have been going on. Interestingly, just in case you were interested, no the house hasn't been sorted out yet since the fire (idly interested parties may want to go back to posts at the end of February) but we are "turning the corner" or - well just stick in whatever poor cliché you want to. Mrs Dave has a cousin in America whose house was wrecked by Hurricane Sandy last October and has recently posted pictures on Facebook of how it's all been sorted. It does look beautiful. Three months on for us and the one room wrecked has finally been attended to. Evidently, the decorators will be in from Tuesday and we could possibly see the last of them in about two weeks time.

Actually, the insurance money has been sorted out and on the whole it's "all over bar the shouting" (Welcome to Clichéville) but why does it take so long? We've got to the point where we can't remember what colours we've asked for when they come in to redecorate!

Anyway, more importantly, why such a long time between posts, eh? Well, I won't bore you with the full story but work has been the main problem. It's always difficult at this time of year but usually I'm more on the ball*. So, last week I was up in London at the annual marking conference - more of which later - and obviously the amount of time now spent trying to get blood out of a stone*, sorry I mean collect coursework, has got worse. The worst ever. However, here I am indeed and will endeavour to write more often. This week whilst on half term break despite marking exam scripts, I will write a few times. Promise. Of course, if enough money is offered, I won't write anything.

the one in the middle kept moving
This afternoon I went up to the Ferry to buy a fish for tomorrow's dinner. I had wrongly assumed that they'd be shut as they usually are on Mondays - fishermen traditionally didn't work on Sundays. Never mind, I managed to turn up a half hour after the catch was delivered. On Sunday. While I stood there waiting to be served there was a lot of movement of gills and various bits of piscine matter that would have put a few people off. I didn't manage to capture the Red Gurnard (which looked phenomenal with its blue wing-like fins) in the photo. The Mullet were all as big as the sort of Salmon that gets sold at Christmas in most supermarkets. However, the wild Bass - all caught locally - were the ones still moving. Huge mouths that look like poly tunnels. Anyway, I bought one of them for tomorrow but managed to look in awe at the wondrous bounty before me. I sincerely hope that they are able to sell it off - last year I was quite upset to be told that the grey Mullet I was impressed with had mostly been thrown away as nobody bought any of it.

For any future visitors to Leeke Towers, the Fludyer Arms reopened last week - two hundred yards away with wonderful views over the sea and three proper beer pumps: London Pride, Adnams Bitter and Woodfordes Wherry. So, stop the whinging - after twenty five years in our stop-gap house, we finally have a bar worth visiting. Okay, we're looking into retirement to another area but at least Friday nights will be sorted for now.

Something a bit more interesting to follow . . .

* supplied by "Clichés are Us"


Dave Leeke said...

As there are no comments, I thought I'd talk to myself. The fish was much bigger than I thought it was but was fantastic. Probably one of the freshest fishes I've ever cooked.

So there.

Anonymous said...

Man, you should see the wet markets in Hong Kong. Fish still breathing, hearts still pumping, AFTER they've sliced a big steak off for a customer. And watch out one doesn't jump right out of the basket onto your foot ... then there's the cuttlefish, the giant clams, the turtles ...