Saturday, 7 April 2012

long distance information

Here we are then, deep in the heart of deepest Nowhere, Derbyshire. It was certainly snowing earlier in the week which means we came up here a day later than planned. We're back on the DofE Easter trip again. We managed to avoid it last year. This year, due to my gammy leg, I'm not doing any yomping across snow-peaked ridges.

There's plenty of rain and the camping is as you'd expect. Awful. Ah well, the things you do for love. Er ...

Anyway, here I am testing out whether or not the new blogger app works on my iPhone or not. If the photo of Stannage Edge works too, this could open up a whole new experience in blogging. I'm sitting in a tent waiting for the only pub for miles to open so we can go for a meal. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and it looks doubtful as to whether we'll even be able to eat at all.

It's grim up North.

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