Monday, 9 April 2012

keep the pub fires burning

Well, it's Easter Sunday and we awoke to constant drizzle and low-lying cloud. Packing up wet tents and soaked-through clothes is not exactly anyone's favourite pastime. Least of all mine. Mrs Dave and I got here to Edale at about midday. Just in time for a lunchtime breakfast. We parked the minibus and found a space next to a lovely roaring fire.

After last night's decent meal in The Sportsman at Hayfield the thought of cooking in a soaking tent tonight doesn't really appeal. So we retired to The Old Nags Head for a ham baguette and a bowl of chips. This venerable hostelry sits at the start - or indeed, the end - of The Pennine Way.

After taking advantage of the facilities on offer, we now find ourselves sitting in the Visitor Centre looking forward to getting home to civilisation tomorrow night.

The weather report generally across the country looks wet and miserable. I think that's where I came in.

. . . I was rather rudely interupted just after this as one of the minbuses broke down.  The clutch went whilst going up a hill.  Luckily enough nobody was injured, in fact there were only Mountain Leaders in it at the time.  Some skilful driving backwards down a hill saved the day.  Consequently, I spent a lot of time ferrying kids around.  Yesterday (Monday) meant a lot of driving.  Thank god for decent insurance, as a lorry  brought back the broken vehicle and trailer and a taxi brought back some of the kids. We got home last night all safe.  No further incidents.  Back to normal.

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