Sunday, 24 July 2011

all things must pass

What a busy few weeks!  I realise that I haven't written anything for about a month.  It would appear that late June onwards through the school holidays is a busy time and doesn't lend itself to blogging.

Two weeks ago I was on the annual D of E trip to Yorkshire.  It was wonderful - the kids were all brilliant and the weather was excellent too.  The week or two before that demanded a lot of preparation. Last week was what was termed "Arts Week" at our (now defunct) school.  My good friend Nick and I ran the fourth Music Songwriting/Industry Week.  After spending last Monday touring the Albert Hall and the BBC, we then spent a few days getting kids to write and perform original songs.  We spent Friday in a recording studio which meant that each of the 21 students ended up with a cd of seven original songs. Every one of them performed at a concert last Thursday and then recorded their group song on Friday.

It was a wonderful and fulfilling way to end. Plenty of talent out there - it just needs nurturing.

Ah well, all things must pass.  We will reopen our doors in September as an Academy.  Least said, soonest mended. Perhaps. Who knows what the future has in store?

Well, Mrs Dave and I are off to Mexico to visit first born, so I will return next month.  In the meantime, enjoy the summer.  The news in the past week or two has been like living in that ancient Chinese curse - "may you live in interesting times" - but at least Amy Winehouse's family may have a more dignified time of it than they would have this time last year.  I guess their phones aren't being hacked. 

I wasn't a fan, but I appreciate her talent.