Friday, 3 June 2011

you can have a fishy . . .

Having been left to my own devices, I of course, decided to buy a fish for my supper.  Mrs Dave is off on an examiner's course and I am slowly working my way through some turgid responses to this year's Film Studies exam paper.  Why, oh why? I mean, why am I marking these? Do I need the money?

Anyway, after spending an agonizing morning reading such responses to questions about stereotyping in British Horror films and  the Messages and Values presented in two American films* of your choice,  gave in and went to buy a fish.  After all, I was going to be dining alone. 

So, after giving in (two submissions for '70s wrestling fans) I went up to my all time favourite fishmonger.  Now, I love fishmonger's counters - the bounty available always gets my juices flowing (steady on!) but today, giant Grey Mullet and a huge - almost leviathan - sea bass just looked too Noah and the Whale to be worthwhile. So, I went for the Mackerel which at least looked approachable.

Often Mackerel is seen as a very strong oily-tasting fish. I would agree, they need something to check the strong flavour.  I opted to stuff it full of pepper, salt and chilli flakes and then serve it with a salad with orange as the predominant flavour. So many people assume that fish has to have lemon as a major flavouring - so wrong.  It doesn't work with EVERYTHING! Orange cuts the oiliness and actually makes for a far better experience.  I used satsumas and they worked superbly.

Anyway, now it's late and I can't remember why I was writing this  - beyond edification, that is - so I'm off to bed. Don't forget to eat lots of oily fish.

* Here's a laugh: you have to compare two American films.  A teacher from a college showed Titanic and left them to their own devices.  Here's a clue: I teach two different versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This school/college left them to it - what would you choose? Schindler's List, anyone?


Martyn Cornell said...

I like to dredge mackerel with muesli and fry them - the sultanas go remarkably well with the oilyness.

Stereotyping in British horror films - well, I've no doubt members of the zombie community are fed up with their constant portrayal as people who have no interest in striking up a personal relationship with the living, only in eating their brains.

Dave Leeke said...

That's only a D grade response I'm afraid Martyn.

It's actually the victims such as the phenomenon of the "Last Girl Standing" and obvious Representation stuff. Today I've had essays on Westworld" which was a pleasant change.

As for the cooking tip - fibre and Omega 3 at the same time? Blimey, that's a bit healthy, isn't it?