Tuesday, 24 May 2011

once again

A year later and some things don't change.  For one, the menu at the hotel  I stayed in.  I had the pike perch again last night followed by the cheese board.  The biggest difference compared to last year is that the wine cost about two quid more!

Oh, and my friend the entertainer wasn't there fiddling with his organ.  Thankfully.

As I wandered about the place it really seemed so familiar; this is about the fifth year in a row that this hotel (The Danubius at Regent's Park) has been home to the  marking conference. I was well behaved and went to bed quite early - usually I stay up at the bar for a while and go to bed after a good chat, plenty of bottled beer and a  much lighter wallet.  However, I went up to catch the news and listen to the old iPod for a while.  Very sensible.  Very mature.  Very boring.

Ah well.  Mind you, I can't see the point of taking much notice of the news at the moment.  Call that news?  Footballers who can't keep their trousers up and the latest communication fad.  The British Media is so pathetic at the moment.  Don't get me started on the End of the Worlders.  I went to see Ade Edmondson on Saturday night.  As he came on he said, "Oh you're all still here.  The Rapture didn't get you, then.  They're making up jokes about it as though there's no tomorrow!"  Great.  I can't believe why so many people are wishing for the end of the world.

I did notice that the bloke ( I can't be bothered to either remember his name, or even look it up)  bases his theory on calculations from "hidden messages" in the Bible.  Er, does he not realise that the Bible has been translated and filtered through several different ancient languages before being written into English? So that might be why there are quite a few discrepancies in those calculations.

Plus the fact that it's a book of stories to explain Life, the Universe and Everything to uneducated shepherds.

Oh well, happy birthday Bob.  I suppose I should play Blood on the Tracks or something to celebrate it.  I probably won't, though.

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