Sunday, 13 February 2011

jameson and port

. . . it was one long night, and I don't feel right . . . 

The phrase "shall we open another bottle?" is henceforth banned in this household.

It is indeed lovely to meet up with an old friend - especially an old school friend from, what? 40 years ago? But, really, a hangover at 55?  3 o'clock in the morning is not a good time to go to bed by anyone's standards - and let's face it, mine are low enough.  Anyway, it didn't last too long and you're welcome here to discuss old times and drink to time past and time passing.

I can't possibly divulge some of the things that were discussed - let's just say that if the novel ever gets written, it will be more faction than fiction - but we may have put a few skeletons to bed.  They probably got back up and danced the night away - I got up later and felt my mortality.

A very decent Indian meal that did not repeat itself on Saturday morning and plenty of good English beer meant that there was no ill feeling the following morning - mine came from not really getting to THAT point very often.  However, a good time was had by all and all in all, we were able to laugh and toast to all sorts of situations, none of which were problematic.

Time moves us all on and makes us feel inadequate quite easily but, in reality, we're all just moving on as best we can.  We've all been dealt interesting cards - we just have to play according to those.

After last week and decorating our son's room, we have found ourselves pulling up scotia etc to accommodate various bookcases - and, of course, putting up the inevitable blinds.

Once again, they went up okay - another dify moment postponed.

 . . . where's my head, where's the bed? . . .

lyrics by terry Wood


Andy Wright said...

I've only been to Felixstowe four times and yet on Friday it felt like coming home.I relished slipping back into the world as it was circa 1971(although a long way from Felixstowe) and Dave and I certainly did that. Amazing how I can recall incidents in some detail and the names of teachers (some probably long dead) from forty years ago but I can't recall where I left my specs or what I came upstairs for! Plenty of talk,plenty of beer and wine (oh and a 'complimentary brandy sir')and plenty of memories brought to the surface. We were together for much less than twenty four hours but we crammed a lot in!.Since we both put it to rights, the world is a better place even if on Saturday morning a couple of Paracetamol were required to convince me of that. I treasure our ,all too infrequent, meetings.... every minute of them.Thank you Dave and let's give the complimentary Brandy a miss next time!

Dave Leeke said...

I must admit that the world looked a little jaded at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning!

But the truth is that the clocks in our town all stopped in 1969.

I'm sure that anywhere people get back together and rake over the old times, there are those moments of wonder about how things were. Nowadays, as a teacher, one has to be careful of the ubiquitous phone/camera and bloody youtube - but you said you have proof of a (favourite) teacher at a party at your house drinking a beer! Imagine that now - instant dismissal and probably a prison sentence.

Here's a toast to Doug, then!

Andy Wright said...

Good old Doug. We would have to toast him with 'Tuborg'. Can you still get that?

Dave Leeke said...

Evidently you can but follow this link:

and you'll see they have their problems (sorry can't make this a link in comments, so copy and paste).

I've been thinking about DDR since I mentioned him. Great guy.