Sunday, 14 November 2010

who'll blow the candle out tonight?

And so the youngest child becomes a man. Eighteen years ago I had to rush out of the house to the first frost of the year to scrape the Sierra down (remember them?) and drive in a panic to Ipswich in miserable weather.

Flash forward eighteen years later.  Last night he had a soiree - NOT a party.  Mrs Dave and I spent all day shopping, preparing food and driving him into Ipswich to meet up with a crowd of friends.  They all went to see Let Me In while we continued to prepare food etc. When they all turned up we had to go out.  So we hopped into a taxi and were whisked away to the Hand In Hand pub to see some friends playing in a band.  A very pleasant evening, too.  When we got home we found our son ushering everyone out of the house.  Obviously this busy day celebrating had tired him out.  The previous evening he'd been to someone else's 18th birthday party.  This one was organised in a bar - a good way to celebrate your coming of age.  Unless, of course, you are not actually 18 until the following day. They refused to serve the lad because he wasn't old enough!  I think having your birthday either on the night or a few days later might have been a little more sensible.

My son's friends tended to ignore the large amount of lager we'd bought for them which may be a good thing for the Mrs but not really for me as I don't tend to drink the stuff. I'm sure we'll manage somehow.

Ah well, off to Hitchin tonight for my annual return to the Sun Hotel where the Hitchin Folk Club has existed for the last 25 or so years.  John Tams is an annual fixture and I can usually guarantee seeing him at least once a year, so off I go.  No wine this afternoon with the slow cooked lamb, then.

Probably a good thing. I really do need to cut down:

it takes a lot of wine to cheer up my mind
and i've drained a few bottles for sure
but now i find - i'm not so inclined
to spend so much of my time on the floor
                                                 (you keep me right on line - john tams)

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