Thursday, 11 November 2010

a stick on fire

I should think things through more thoroughly, I guess. There are, of course, probably loads of firework/Bonfire Night songs.  There are probably whole blogs devoted to them. . .

I was thinking about Kate Bush the other day.  Not for the first time (in fact, there is a Kennedy effect at play here for those of us of a certain age: Where were you the first time you saw Kate Bush?*) but this is in relation to the previous post.

That November night, looking up into the sky,
You said, "Hey, wish that was me up there -
It's the biggest rocket I could find . . .

Yes, Rocket's Tail from The Sensual World - the one with Dave Gilmour, The Trio Bulgarka and, most probably, a kitchen sink. Totally barking - the verse about turning herself into a rocket! Great track and one, like the John Tams' one Brendan reminded us of, Winds of Change (Yalta, Bonfire Night 1992) from Unity, that I should have remembered. Ah well, blame it on the generals, blame it on their guns, blame it on the scarecrow in the rain.

Anyway, after a passing comment in the staff room, it would seem that everyone and his wife have written songs about the subject including Souxsie and the Banshees, Carter USM and all sorts of people I've never heard of. So, I'll draw a veil over the subject.

Another of our occasional cds is required: songs that make me happy.  12 tracks. So, thinking hat back on.

* One for another time, methinks.

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