Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sloe Turning

The early moring sun was glinting on the sea and the gulls were wheeling on the stiff breeze.  It's the last gasp of summer - better than some August days - and too good to be sitting indoors marking.

Mrs Dave and I decided that a walk along the sea front up to the Ferry ( a hamlet/village at the end of the line) was worthwhile.  Why not take in the sunshine?  Although the breeze was fairly strong, it was warm.  It's not quite Autumnal enough yet to play Sandy Denny and wander about in woods amongst the fallen leaves picking chestnuts and smelling the dark musky fungi.

We've already made our Sloe Gin and picked enough wild cherry plums and blackberries.  But yesterday we walked through Rendlesham Forest and into Orford and were astonished at the size of sloes.  At one point we all had to scrabble through a blocked path - it was blocked by a single pregnant branch of Blackthorn (alright, Sloe).  So fecund this year.  It has almost made up for missing out on gathering elderflowers to make champagne.


This weekend is one of those where you feel so glad to be alive.  The sea was crashing against the prom as we walked back from the Ferry towards home but the sun was so strong that even though I couldn't see, I walked home with a Cheshire Cat-sized grin.  Today was one of those days that made me realise why I lived here. No matter what merde is thrown at us over the next year (a shit storm brewing in education - Bad Wolf indeed!) we can still enjoy the day-to-day existence.

I don't know if either of you has been enjoying the BBC4 series of Songwriter's Circles on Fridays (or iPlayer) but last week's with Thompson, Vega and Wainwright was fantastic.  This week's just showed how Justin Currie (of Del Amitri) was one of the saving graces of the 1980s - Mrs Dave actually applauded after each of his songs! Wonderful stuff.  I must get back into writing a few lines with one or two chords attached myself.  If only I could sing, it is with a voice such as his that I would wish to sound like.  Emotive, melodic, with a slight bit of grit.

Ah well, it was never to be.  I'll continue with the voice I was blessed with: "Could you just mime, please, Leeke? You're putting the piano player off."


Brendini said...

Dave, you CAN sing. Simple Twist Of Fate? Ring any bells?

Dave Leeke said...

I think I was playing guitar, actually.

To be perfectly honest, I think it was a simple twist of fate that I was able to sing in tune for that ONE moment.

But it's kind of you to say so.

Anyway, I'd still like to sing like Mr Currie.

Anonymous said...

How good was justin Currie he absolutely blew the others out of the water when they all took a verse of Squeeze's song tempted, truely stunning. I actually think he is even better than in the Del Amitri days in his singing, but its the intelligence of his lyrics that speak to me. Criminally underrated, and great to see him get some exposure. Brilliant!!!

Dave Leeke said...

Yes he really was that good, wasn't he? It made me go and dig out "Waking Hours" - I'd almost forgotten how excellent that album was. It came out in 1989 - I originally bought it on vinyl.

We saw Del Amitri in Cambridge - awful acoustics for an electric band but a great night.