Saturday, 11 September 2010

a scholarly man

We do not live in a paper-less world. Interestingly, with the advent of the web and all things cyberspace, many doom-mongers were informing us of the death of paper.  However, I often refer people to the magazine section of W H Smiths and suggest they check out how many magazines are devoted to the internet. And the amount of packs of printer paper that are sold every day. So, leaving the ghostly realm for a while, I have just purchased the latest edition of Guitar & Bass Magazine.

I was idly perusing the letter pages whilst waiting for someone to make me some lunch when there seemed something familiar about a photograph on said pages.

It may appear familiar to others amongst you, too as it appeared last month here. This simple picture was taken on my phone and accompanies a letter (actually an email) I sent to the magazine.  I certainly didn't expect it to be printed - I was actually just thanking them for an article they published earlier in the year.  Obviously I ingratiated myself by congratulating them for their  "lucid, well-written articles".  But, print it they did!  The editor said that my "endeavours (are) an example to us all".  And not only that, it was this month's Star Letter.  Star Letter - no ordinary, namby-pamby every day letter. The letter that wins a prize.

Unfortunately, much to Mrs Dave's chagrin, the prize is yet another guitar soft gig bag, but you can never have too many gig bags. It does mean that the black guitar case with fluorescent orange fur lining (once seen, never forgotten) is going to have to be retired.  I've had that since circa 1975.  All things pass, I guess.

So, I am finally in print.  Not self-published or a blog post.  It quite made my day.

Off to Jimmy's Farm Harvest festival tomorrow to see Kate Rusby and that young dreadlocked fellow I saw earlier this year.  I hope he brings out his guitarlele.


Andy Wright said...

Congratulations, I am very impressed. I like the photo too. Very simple but very effective. Nice to get a fillip that makes one smile. (I was going to say 'boost' but somehow 'fillip' seems like a much better word).

Anyway, Well Done and enjoy your prize......'Star letter'...Excellent!

(Word verification tonight is 'Fulsto' sounds like a close relative of a Shakespearian character)

Brendini said...

Wow! Well done. Fame and fortune doubtlessly follow.

Word verification = sorhar which, funnily enough, is what I was going to see the doctor about.

Katie said...

Congrats, Dad. Really impressed (although I can't help feeling the picture would have been slightly more rock 'n' roll with the omission of the rocking chair in the background. Maybe they think you're some old blues singer from the Deep South or something). Hope you enjoyed Jimmi's Farm and didn't disgrace yourself. xx

Dave Leeke said...

Thank you one and all. It's a minor thing really, but it cheered me up!

I thought the rocking chair was a nice touch - not sure that Stevenage qualifies for "Deep South" or about the singing, but "old" seems to fit!

Disgrace myself?