Saturday, 7 August 2010

the blind time machine maker

I seem to remember from my reading of Richard Dawkins' work last century that evolution takes place in a series of leaps.  You know, all that stuff about eyes not gradually developing but jumping to the next generation fully-formed (my memories not what it used to be). I think the next leap forward in the evolution of ants has recently happened.*

I've been trying to figure out how flying ants can just appear without being seen to fly from one place to another.  Presumably, they've been thinking, "Right, okay lads, we've got to get out from behind his fridge and past that sticky stuff that seems to stop us getting out into the wider world.  Any ideas?"

I'm suggesting that some sort of teleportation device has been created.  Or possibly a Time Machine rather like the one used to send Bruce Willis backwards and forwards in Time in 12 Monkeys.  A sort of 12 Ants, I guess. At least, this is my current theory.  They seem to suddenly appear on the windows, walls, saucepans, anywhere through sheer stealth - possibly some sort of cloak of invisibility could be another answer.

Ah well, first born's birthday and last day in England before she disappears off to teach in Mexico for two years today. I'm sure there's something more constructive I should be doing. Like pulling out the fridge - again - to spray "Deathlac" around.

* Or, of course, in the case of a Time Machine it could be any time past or present when it's invented . . .


Brendini said...

David Attenborough very succinctly demonstrated the evolution of the eye in one of his later blockbuster nature documentaries. It was a gradual and logical progress rather than some evolutionary Great Leap Forward. I would rather trust a Dave than a Dick.

Dave Leeke said...

Okay, a "gradual and logical process"", then. Did he mention the possibility of ants inventing Time Machines?

Brendini said...

What if they already have? What if they have plans for the human race? How would we know? It's something they'd keep pretty close to their -um- thorax.

What time is first born's flight? Just so we know roughly when to expect you.

Brendini said...

I just need to add that the explanation was logical, not the process. The process was evolutionary (my dear Watson).

Dave Leeke said...

I think we'll leave the ants for now to their plans of World domination.

Flight is 8.40 so we'll be there about 10 possibly. I'll get Mrs D to phone as I'll probably be driving.

Oh,and Happy Anniversary!