Sunday, 13 June 2010

wond'ring aloud II

Hmm, as I'm so bored, I've just taken a look over a few past blogs.  On the 7th April I mentioned having just missed Let It Be by the Four Scousers (a not so modern beat combo, m'lord).  I now have a copy - the power of blogging, eh? Or perhaps, just the power of moaning loud enough.  Anyway, I enjoyed watching it (even if it is pirated - which I strongly suspect) but it brought home the fact that I'm not surprised Sir Paul and Lady Ringo are so against it being released.  It certainly is NOT flattering to the memory of the Beatles. But then, who cares?  I still listen to them. I must admit to not being their number one fan but I still have the entire collection on CD - and, therefore, my iPod. Much of it is naive and some of it (whisper, whisper) is almost un-listenable at times. Er, where was I? Oh yes . . . actually, I just wanted to catch up and say that I now have a serviceable copy of the film on dvd.

Multitasking, then, that was mentioned earlier.  Dinner was "Chicken Skewers with Bulgar Wheat and Corn Salad".  As the whole of tonight's meal consisted of me and third born, it was pleasant to be told that tonight's dinner was deemed, "cool" and that he prefers bulgar wheat to cous cous.  A little victory there, then. Last night I dined alone as Mrs Dave is in London for her marking conference (keep up at the back).  I actually managed to barbecue a mackerel (marinated in rosemary and chili oil) before Dr Who started AND I managed to watch the England match (astonished readers may here take a few minutes to recover).  It is well-known that as a Grammar School boy who never learned to play football that I am rather naive in the ways of "footy". Still, I personally will not pour scores of opprobrium on the goalie - we all make mistakes.

Oh my god, don't we?


Mike C. said...

Let's be honest: the Beatles were popular, clever and influential. That does not make them good. Dryden was popular, clever and influential, too. The Stones were derivative but inimitable. Now they were good (until 1973).

As the goalkeeper of a hockey team with a record number of losses in one season, I have every sympathy for Robert Green. There you are, thinking thoughts and watching the birds fly over, when some bastard suddenly hoofs a ball straight at you.

Not sure about the green. N.B. some birds seem to be making off with part of your banner.


Dave Leeke said...

The Beatles were four people who managed to somehow capture the zeitgeist of the 1960s - my sister got caught up in it. Although to her The Walker Brothers and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch were more approachable given that she spent a lot of time hanging around St John's Wood. But they (The Fabs) were good - and it is down to them that so many advances were made quickly in the recording world. I love much of their output - possibly because I came to it late in life - I must admit to being quite snobby about them when I was a young teenager. I appreciate them more now.

Yes, The Stones were an amazing band - for a while. I'm surprised they keep going. The early '70s were the best years for me. "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile" were their zenith for me.

I remember playing in goal at school when we used to play hockey - I know exactly how Green feels. There I was admiring the view when heading towards me - out of nowhere - a host of stick-wielding hooligans. Obviously they scored. Then my 'team' all attacked me with their sticks because I'd let a goal in. I really don't get these stick and ball type games. I was never really much of a sportsman. At least with cricket I could wander off and have a sneaky fag in the graveyard at St Nicholas.

It's all a lifetime away now. We live in another dimension compared to the one we grew up in.

Martyn Cornell said...

I quite liked hockey. You could "accidentally" bop someone with your stick. I was disappointed to discover a few years ago that they no longer 'bully off' at the start of a game.

Dave Leeke said...

So what do they do now? I guess I'm only vaguely interested really, but why do they have to keep messing about with rules?

Welcome Martyn - still waiting for your book, by the way!