Monday, 24 May 2010

before the deluge

There seems to be a general Jackson Browne theme running through my life at the moment.  When Mrs Dave and I took Harvey the RV off for its first jaunt to Southwold the other week, I'd just received the new Browne and David Lindley cd "Love is Strange", so we listened to that on the way. Very good it is too. A friend of mine got tickets for us to go see JB&DL at the Albert Hall next month; and another friend wrote about Browne on his blog.

And here I am about to undergo the traditional annual event of exam marking. This involves going to a nice hotel by Regent's Park tomorrow night, taking in a pleasant meal and possibly visiting The Hobgoblin pub nearby. Then wake up on Wednesday, have a shower, a full English breakfast and arrive upstairs for the day's marking standardisation all nicely refreshed. Then I watch all those other harrassed teachers arrive having come in by train after getting up at the crack of sparrow fart desperately searching for coffee. After a hard day fighting losing battles with the Exam Board's decisions, I may stroll down to Tin Pan Alley (Denmark Street) to wander around a few guitar shops before returning home ready to face the last two days of this half term.

Oh, and the flood of marking for the next month.

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