Thursday, 25 March 2010

dazed and confused

As I was driving home along the sea front road I spotted a bird standing on a wall.  It had red legs - nothing unusual there until I looked harder.  It was a Red-Legged Partridge. Not one of our well-known waders or sea birds.

As I was driving I obviously couldn't take a picture, which is a shame. 

The Red-Legged Partrridge is also known as The French Partridge - introduced into Britain in 1770.  They are more likely to sit in trees than our indigenous species. Not generally on walls next to the sea, though.

I must admit, it did seem to have a slightly bewildered look.  As did I.


Brendini said...

It was obviously thinking: "Zut alors!Ceci n'est pas Harwich!"

Dave Leeke said...

I presume you are only going to say that once.