Wednesday, 10 February 2010

the bitter withy

As it fell out on a Winter's Day . . .

Here's another spooky Suffolk tree taken a few minutes after the one in the last blog.  There's very little that I would want to thank the Duke of Edinburgh for but I'm managing to start a fine collection of pictures of odd and spooky trees because of him.

Anyway, although it's obviously not a Willow tree (the bitter withy) it still looks impressive to me - I'm not sure if it's rotting from the inside or not.  Check out John Tams' version of The Bitter Withy if you're not sure what I'm rambling on about.  Interestingly, I said to our County English Advisor today - in a discussion about writing blogs - that "I love to ramble".  We both immediately realised that it sounded like a traditional English song title.  Of course it isn't.  Perhaps I should write a fake traddy song by that very title. See, I'm beginning to link some of these postings together. 

Perhaps I should just get on with it and make dinner.  By the way, it's St Scholastica's Day today. She was St Benedict's sister and she had power over the weather.  Perhaps it's just me, but doesn't that sound a little, well, pagan? Which brings us back to the tree.

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