Sunday, 21 February 2010

the birds

It's interesting to note that as numbers of many of our wildlife are dwindling, some creatures are being extremely successful.  I'm not talking about rats - they've risen in numbers since Britain opted for American Cultural Imperialism (fast food outlets).  No, I mean some of our indigenous creatures are successfully surviving despite it all.

Standing in a field by the River Stour yesterday we watched a Cormorant fly overhead.  Cormorants have been steadily increasing over recent years throughout Essex. There are some 7500 breeding pairs in Britain.  I have seen quite a few over the last few years on the Suffolk Coast (I mean at the bottom of the road I live in).  The fishermen are worried, of course.  They're not as nervous as the farmers around our way, though - the signs to try to petition against the reintroduction of Sea Eagles has started.  Personally, I can't wait to see them.

Anyway, just before we saw the Cormorant we saw a Heron by the river too.  Cormorants, Herons and last week or so, a Barn Owl - what a great ghostly trio. Some of our most mysterious birds.

There's something stirring out there in the countryside.


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