Sunday, 3 January 2010

cold haily rainy night

The snow returned today to East Anglia. I don't know when it snowed exactly but it hadn't by 2:30 this morning as Mrs Dave and I were walking home from seeing friends at that time. Just after I walked up to get the car from our friend's house in glorious sunshine, the heavens opened and sent rain which turned to sleet, which turned to hail and some sort of heavy snow effect. I was eating breakfast (full English - late) and watching this haily/snowy mutation piling up on the table mentioned in yesterday's posting.

After that we had to drive our daughter to Ipswich to get the train to Southampton. Nothing unusual in that but we saw a sign for "Pantomime Parking" which was unusual. Oh no it isn't! Okay, so loads of jokes made about that on the way to Sainsbury's. You can make up your own, I'm sure. On the way back from the aforementioned establishment we saw the most beautiful sunset - very low, quite early. There was a golden orb sinking rapidly down casting some incredible dusky pinks and greys in the clouds. Unfortunately there's nowhere to suddenly pull over and stop safely to take a picture on the A14 but it would definitely had been worth it if I could have. As I'm not much of a photographer generally, this shows how wonderful a sight it was. Radio Dave (affectionate name for my iPod) played "I Feel Possessed" by Crowded House at that exact moment - nothing to do with sunsets or anything like that, but the mixture of a beautiful panoramic skyline and a great song makes life seem good for a few minutes. A real watercolourist's sky.

Hinting at synchronicity there (if musical accompaniment to a vision can be seen as such), but I had just bought the new edition of Guitar and Bass magazine which features an article on setting up your guitar for slide. This is something on my mind quite a lot at the moment. My other Strat is an older black one with a maple neck that I have been meaning to do exactly that to for ages. So, I'll keep you informed (who am I kidding? I mean I'll remind myself when I look back at this) as we go along if I make any progress on that front. Excuse me . . .

A few minutes later . . .

I've just managed to knock my beer glass over, onto the desk which has spread Marston's Pedigree over various Post-it notes and a few drops have splashed onto my copy of Nigel Slater's "Tender Vol 1" (Christmas present from first-born). This necessitated clearing it up and having to pour another one. I've been kicked out of the kitchen and relieved of dinner duties as I'm not feeling well (for some reason no one likes listening to you coughing and spluttering like some 19th Century consumptive whilst making mince pies). I'm not used to doing nothing on a Sunday early evening, I'm usually mixing three of my passions - drinking fine ale, listening to excellent music and producing food good enough to eat.

I will return to Mr Slater's book in the future - there's an issue here about what people call "small gardens" and the postage stamp sized yard outside our back door. There really isn't room to swing a cat - which reminds me, I need to find a new hobby.

The dark has risen and the snow seems to have stopped for now (no amount of praying is going to stop us having to start back at work tomorrow!) so while I sit around waiting to watch Dr Who on BBC3 (we were travelling back from Stevenage when it was originally broadcast) I guess I should do something constructive. Unfortunately that's not my forte so I'll probably mess about for a while instead.

The last two weeks have flown by and now we have to start back facilitating the learning of the young. Just think, all those eager faces - little tabula rasas - waiting to be filled with knowledge. What's that? Oh, sorry, I mean waiting to be shown how to independently come to their own epiphanic moments. Of course.

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