Thursday, 4 July 2013

summer daze

There's a different plan
Time's gonna make you a different man.
They say there's a country where the streets are paved with gold,
Where a man can find shelter far away from the cold.
And I'm sailing out to find it before I'm too old, come summer
Come summer.

So here we are being, oh so Middle Class.

still waiting for this moment . . .
We're off to a local festival tomorrow evening after work. We've collected the motor home ("Harvey" to regular readers) and we'll bung a few things in to take with us. The weather looks good and we'll meet up with some like-minded friends. Mrs Dave has stripped our pitifully small garden of spinach to make a feta and spinach pie ("for lunches") and I'm sitting here waiting for the bread to rise so I can bake it. Home-baked bread for lunch at a festival will obviously be "right on" I guess.

There won't be anyone famous on - other than Neil Innes - a local lad - he of the Bonzos and Rutles. It looks like even Rich Hall won't be on this year and he's a regular doing his "Otis T Crenshaw" shtick. Still, there are always surprises. Always. Last time I went (2011) Melanie was the special guest in tribute to Woodstock. They turned away in droves. We couldn't bear one whole song. Sorry, Melanie*.

Still, we can go away, camp (well, in a van) and wander about in a field drinking during what looks like a reasonably hot weekend and drink. Oh, did I mention that? Usually they've run out by Saturday afternoon. There'll be Adnams in the van, of course. And a box of wine. So, obviously it's going to be a quiet weekend away. The weeks are galloping towards the end of term and we're beginning to relax. Unlike the management of course. As they gear up to try to make sure that the last few weeks are as fun-packed and educational as every other week we've joyously sweated over each and every lesson plan to provide . . . blah blah blah  taught zealously. . .  er, where was I? I'll leave the British education system for now but just keep an eye on the news. Gove, eh?

In the meantime, the summer beckons: music, family, a drink or two and maybe - just MAYBE - an opportunity to do something for yourself. Play a bit of guitar? Write a song? Sleep, perhaps?

This is a quick message from the trenches. More to follow. By the way, despite not being too capable of following social notworking sites, I've "joined" (wtf?) Vine which may or may not last very long.

Wherever you are - enjoy the weekend. If you're in England take some sun cream with you.

*Andy - you may remember her "Scratch and Sniff" album cover. I'll leave it at that - everyone else can sit there and use their imaginations about what 14 year old boys thought about that.


Rob Fuke said...

Feta and spinach pie; 'PIE?' Always a good idea to get pedantic with a teacher, so don't you mean 'spanakopita ?' - something the Greeks used to eat back in the days when they had money for food. Have to admit that the version I make comes from Jamie's 30 min book. You didn't say where this festival is, but if they have a Melanie equivalent this year, I'd advise lead-lined suits, as stuff like that can seriously damage your health.

Dave Leeke said...

Hi Rob,

Yes it's definitely a pie. An Anglicised version of spanakopita which Mrs Dave quickly threw together. We do make a proper one but not Mr Oliver's. The thirty minute idea seems to be to spend two hours preparing and thirty minutes cooking. And having a tv crew there to do the preparation probably helps too. Still, I'll get Mrs D to check it out - I'm not a huge JO fan myself. Keith Floyd and Nigel Slater are more my glass of wine.

The festival is at Easton Farm Park in darkest Suffolk. B J Cole is on and running a steel guitar workshop. Lots of string bands and bluegrass. It's actually an Americana festival - you'd love it, Rob.

Dave Leeke said...

Okay, Mrs Dave has spent the weekend calling it a "spanakopita".

Well, she forget to toast the pine nuts. So, not a spanakopita, then.

Andy Wright said...

Sorry for late response. Been in the land of Cheese eating Surrender Monkeys. 'Scratch and Sniff'.......OMG! (as much younger types than I frequently exclaim) I DO remember it so well (rather sounds like some regular Cocaine users complaint these days though).....I was so deeply in love with Melanie Safka (How many people know her surname?)Still in love with her I suppose, but she must be nearly 70! Ah well. 'Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.......'

Dave Leeke said...

Sorry, mate but she hasn't aged well. I did know her surname but I am obviously autistic.

Still, never mind Melanie's knickers, how the hell are you?

Andy Wright said...

Very well thank you Dave. Sorry been a bit quiet. This retirement lark is pretty hard work!
Glad to see you are in full blogging flow. I really enjoy your writing. Enjoy the fabulous summer we seem to be promised.