Friday, 13 April 2012

so we dreamed us up a kitchen

And finally we are back home and able to use the kitchen. We've spent most of the week painting walls and putting up new units. I think it's all been worth it although it has been, at times, traumatic. It still isn't actually finished though! There is still the small matter of having to have new worktops fitted as the previous ones didn't quite survive the experience. It's a long story.

So, here we are at the wrong end of the Easter holidays about to feed some friends - it's nice to be able to start having people around again after all this time.

Keeping it simple I've been told that it has to be a veggie night. Something about heavy red meat not going down too well late in the evenings or somesuch. Lentil lasagne, then, which is our go to meal for guests on meat-free occasions. The recipe of which was in a Tesco magazine some twenty five years ago - we brought it with us to this house from the last one in Bedfordshire. Blimey, it all seems so long ago. I wonder if others have particular recipes that stay with them for years?

Oh and Bedfordshire exists, it isn't a made up place to send your kids when you want them to go to sleep.

Oh well, I'd better go and turn the oven on or something useful like that. I quite like this blogger app although it has some design faults. Typing on an iPhone isn't as easy as on a normal keyboard, so I don't write as much. A blessing of some sort, I guess.


Mike C. said...


I love the title of this post -- the idea of Guy Clark and the old fellow sitting around wondering whether or not to go for the granite worktops is truly amusing.


Dave Leeke said...

Yes, you got it!

I spend more time thinking about titles than the blog content itself . . . yes, okay I know, it shows!

Mike C. said...

The problem is, I shall now never be able to listen to "Desperados on a Train" without laughing...


Dave Leeke said...

Perhaps it should be "Desperados Wonderin' About the Grain"?