Friday, 12 August 2011

burn it down

I see that after only two weeks out of school, the youth of England have decided to stick it to the man in their boredom. Ah well, I´m sure I´ll be able to read all about it when I get back to Blighty. Good luck, Mr C with your attempt at sticking your finger in the dyke (pay attention at the back) and stem the flow of freedom of information.

With the Notting Hill Carnival a mere few weeks away, I wonder if they´ll dare stop that - it´s likely to cause further riots if they do . . .

Anyway, here in Mexico City the clouds are gathering for a different reason - it´s the rainy season.  After touring the Yucaton Peninsular for the last ten days, it´s a bit of a disappointment to come back to the feel of an almost British Summer.  It will take a while to fully get my head around the sights and sounds and difference of this fantastic country and I´m sure I´ll write about it soon.  Probably over the remaining few days before we go back to the IWB-face (and when I can access the videos on the Flip).  Suffice to say at the moment that this has been one hell of an experience and certainly one not forgotten easily.

So, whilst Rome burns we´ll get on with having some cultural fun around DF.  If there´s anyone out there reading this, take care:

don´t go out tonight
they´re bound to take your life
there´s a bad moon on the rise

Oh, and the title comes from Los Lobos - seemed apt.