Thursday, 31 March 2011

i once was blind but now can see

Not too much to say but I'm trying out my new laptop.  Although a hardened Luddite, I do attempt to keep up with the digital world - just tend to find it difficult as nothing works properly.  To me the modern world is much like Terry Gilliam's Brazil - all retro-fitted and steampunkish.  That, or I am just incapable of dealing with digital machines.

Anyway, as I don't like Tesco so don't shop there, I collect Nectar Card points (Sainsbury) and have never really understood why.  Evidently, the points you collect can build up and you can "buy" things with them.  We seemed to have a spare £260 pounds in our account so I thought I'd put it towards a new laptop - so I have no more excuses to not do anything because Mrs D is using the computer. So far, so good - it seems to work ok.

Before the main point of this post, though, you should check this out:

Well worth a watch. Well, it is if you've ever travelled on such airlines.

Now, this might raise a few eyebrows (here) and I certainly feel very sorry for those involved.  The girl used to be a student at our school and I did teach her many years ago.  But.  But check out that third paragraph:

Burdakay, 19, of Birkfield Road, Ipswich, was registered as blind, had no driving license and was driving on an unlit road at night when the accident happened.

Registered blind? What on earth did he think he was doing? "I'm just going for a spin, mum."  "Oh, okay - see you later - habg on did he say he was going for a drive?!"

Years ago, the wonderful Cockney folk singer/comedian Derek Brimstone used to tell a story about how he used to drive Rev. Gary Davis around (a blind Septugenarian ragtime guitarist ) when he toured Britain.  "He could drive himself, but he used to bump into things".

Mind you, this paragraph is quite revealing:

Burdakay also pleaded guilty to a separate offence of attempted robbery at Trawler’s Catch fish shop in Saxmundham, six days before the fatal crash.

"Put up your hands, this is a stick up! Put all the money in this bag."

"Er, this is a fishmongers  not a bank . . . "

"Oh . . . er, have you got any Sea Bass?"

A few years ago the Fish and Chip shop in a village near Ipswich was held up and robbed.  The kid was caught quite quickly, though. The owner knew who it was, because the kid used to go into the shop regularly at dinner times for chips because he was a pupil at the local High School.

You couldn't make this stuff up, really, could you?


Andy Wright said...

Hi Dave.Excellent post and thanks for including the link to the you tube clip. Absolutely fantastic and so accurate.I trust you survived April the 1st unscathed.

Dave Leeke said...

Hi Andy, good to have you back - it's been a bit quiet around here lately.

A Y7 girl told me she had a doctor's appointment but didn't have a note, so I emailed the front office to check. They phoned her mum - she said there wasn't an appointment. The girl was rather embarrassed and admitted to trying to April Fool me. I don't know if she'd have gone if I'd have said yes.

I guess it backfired on her!

Brendini said...

Dave, your latest update isn't showing. The one starting ...erm is anybody out there?

Dave Leeke said...

That's becuase nobody is out there! To be perfectly honest, I probably had a pint or two and whinged a bit.

Who cares? Well, no one really.

I deleted it. It was a crap post.


Dave Leeke said...

I meant, of course "B. coz"!