Sunday, 28 November 2010

put another log on the fire for me

I can't believe that it's so cold
And there ain't been no snow.
The sound of music comes to me 
From every place I go.
Sunday morning and there's no-one in church
But the clergy's chosen man
And he is fine, I won't worry about him,
Got the book in his hand.

Thanks, Sandy.  We've certainly got no snow.  And it's Sunday.
burner - not really working

It's been an interesting weekend.  It's certainly worked out better than I thought it would, given that I was supposed to be in Yorkshire doing the Three Peaks.

As the news suggested that this weekend was going to be a white-out in most places, I became hopeful that the trip was going to be cancelled - it wasn't my call to make. Up until 9:30 on Friday morning, it was still looking like we had to go.  Thankfully someone had the sense to call the whole thing off.

Friday evening meant a visit to the capital of Suffolk to see the rather wonderful Show of Hands who were firing on all cylinders and produced a cracking set - their version of Boys of Summer was a personal highlight.

Saturday at home meant that I didn't have to get up and scrape the car down at the crack of sparrow fart and drive up to Yorkshire - or more likely, sit on the A1 freezing to death. So, a leisurely day was had instead.  We had kippers from Pinney's of Orford for breakfast and a stroll into town to spend large amounts of money unnecessarily.  Lunch at a local Italian-style hostelry (a veggie platter and a glass of Adnams) before going over to Ipswich to Sainsbury for the weekly shop. It's an exciting life - mind you, given the alternative weekend I was expecting, a much better one.

So, over lunch we discussed the idea of a walk on Sunday as we weren't hill-walking - I guess it'd be flat-walking here.  Yes, we could wander through the woods and gather some branches to paint white and decorate for the coming festivities.

Was I dreaming that my life was being directed by Frank Capra? On waking in our snow free town, I was informed that what would be a good idea would be to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner.  Ah yes, a much better idea.  Anyway, thankfully the local House of the Book of Laminated Dreams had one so I didn't have to go all the way in to Ipswich again for what would have been the third time this weekend. Whilst we were out we went and gathered some winter fu-oo-el from the hardware shop.

Which brings us to the here and now, trying to get the damned wood burning stove working as it's really cold in the back room - yes, I know I could go into the kitchen where it's warm but the computer is in the back room. I know that men are supposed to all be pyromaniacs and experts at burning things but I do struggle to keep the damned thing alight.  Mrs Dave has just fiddled with it and it's "going well now" - there's a sort of look of disdain and a slight hint of "now leave it alone".

I've already prepared dinner - Beef in Marston's Oyster Stout, if you're interested. So all seems well.

And finally, on to a subject that seems to strike fear in many a red-blooded man.  "Home Improvements".  Yes, it has a sinister ring, doesn't it?  Anyway, Mrs Dave has taken a sort of Zen approach to "H.I." recently.  After last week's successful putting up of the IKEA shelves, a new phenomena has occurred - the "illusion of space". This was created by tins of tea and other kitchen paraphenalia being placed on the shelves, thus creating some space which therefore gives this illusion of space.  To create another illusion of space, the chopping board near the sink has been turned round so the narrow part of the oblong board now faces out to me whilst I am, indeed, chopping up things.  This has created a much more harmonious space on the kitchen worktop.  Well, at least the illusion of said space.

Through using this wonderful way of creating space, I have tried it here in the back room.  I've moved a few books off of the table and onto some shelves.  Blimey!  Once again, the illusion of space and uncluttered space has been created.  Excellent, so I'm going to go around the house improving it by creating the "illusion of space" everywhere.  Very soon we'll have created the illusion of so much space, our house will be like Dr Who's Tardis.

In the meantime I'm praying for snow. However now we're considered "key workers" we are required to make it in to school no matter what.  The onus has been put onto us "key workers" and we have to decide for ourselves whether or not it is safe to come in to work.  Unfortunately I live a 20 minute walk away from my school so I'll no doubt have to go in no matter what.

Bloody fire's going out again . . .

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