Thursday, 19 August 2010

egrets, i've had a few

I've been wandering around the Suffolk countryside today.  I only went for a three and a half mile walk around the Trimley Marshes in preparation for tomorrow's final assault on the Suffolk Sandlings Walk. I started the said walk some few years ago and still have about fifteen miles to go.  Mrs Dave will drop me off where I finished last time (at Sizewell) and I will walk on to Southwold to finish it.  More about that tomorrow.

Mrs Dave and I went for a cycle ride on Sunday by the River Camel in Cornwall - it was a five mile flat track from Wadebridge to PadStein (does he really own it all?) - and we coped well.  Fair-weather cyclists, I guess.  Anyway, halfway there on the mudflats, what should I see but several Little Egrets checking out the local food supply? Now, I have become a complete apologist for these rather wonderful creatures - I believe breeding programmes from France in the 1990s created the current surfeit of the ghostly little buggers but they're now an accepted part of our English wildlife, which is great. I had never seen one in my youth (ie the 1960s - my birdwatching days).  Still, climbing up the embankment and watching the wild fowl was a thrill. FOUR egrets, several cormorants, a pair of green sandpipers and a pair of grey herons messing about in fields full of sheep -  I don't care where life is going, but I know that Life goes on.

I must admit that with the various sightings (which included a muntjac doe) just brings you back to being completely blown-away by the wonderful, abundant, indigenous life we have all around us. Just keep your eyes open.

The last time I saw loads of egrets was last year in fields by the Nile (along with some wonderful Pied Kingfishers). So, they now seem to be regular British birds,

Oh well, onward towards the rest of the Sandlings Walk.  More after that.


Brendini said...

Bird puns eh? Toucan play at that game, matey.

Dave Leeke said...

Yes, well after walking some 18 miles yesterday, I'm shagged out.

Less of a pun, more of a truism.