Tuesday, 27 July 2010

the green man (2)

A rather effeminate one this.  A modern resin type, I'm afraid, but attractive in an androgynous sort of way. This one waits by the back door staring at geraniums and guarding over the tomatoes.  There's no interesting story about this one and I can't remember where we got it but I hope it looks after the tomato plants.

Apropos of nothing at all, iPods are odd, aren't they? Somehow, every time I drive out of our town and hit the A14, Abilene by Dave Alvin comes on.  And, because there's two versions (studio recorded and live) on the iPod, it plays them both, one after the other.  The whole idea that iPods play randomly is a joke - mine has distinctive patterns it plays.  As it has a choice of over five and a half thousand songs to choose from, how come the same few songs keep turning up?  Ah well, another mystery I'll never solve.

As it's summer (despite the rain), we seem to have millions of flies hanging around the kitchen.  I have a particular hatred of the damned things: the only good fly is a dead fly. So, we bought an "Electric Insect Killer" today and proudly put it up in the kitchen.  Immediately, all the flies stared at it suspiciously, then refused to go near it.  I guess  all our flies are acoustic ones (unplugged).

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