Wednesday, 3 March 2010

time and distance

I've been struggling with trying to write a song.  It's not writer's block. For a long time now I've wanted to write a song about the taking of the photo "Earthrise".  I researched the story about Apollo 8 and made notes a while ago. Tonight seemed as good a time as any to write it. I thought I was doing quite well but somehow there's something else on my mind.  The song is about a photograph but there seems to be another song about a different photograph that wants to get written.  Actually, there seem to be several photos that want to be written about.

Years ago someone asked if I'd take a photo of them, which I did.  Later they became embarrassed and asked me to destroy it.  It's about 30 years later and I can still remember that photo - they've probably long since forgotten about it.  Photos can get lost or destroyed but if the image is an important one, it can stay locked away in your memory forever.  I once saw a Symbolist painting of a green angel in Paris.  This was 1978. I spent years trying to find the gallery again, find out what the painting was called and who it was by.  I haven't yet but I'll know it if I see it again.

Anyway, the key images are time, distance and, of course, the moon - which seem to be recurring ones in my songs.  I've ended up with what looks like about three songs that don't make sense.  I know what I mean and as it's just for me I suppose it doesn't matter really.  Oh well, I have one line I like: "they touch oh-so-briefly, like the moon touches the sea".

Time is moving on and I need to sleep.  Perhaps time and distance will sort this song out.


Mike C. said...

Put the two together (Earthrise and the destroyed photo) and you might have something. I can imagine a song where the verses are about a forgotten, embarrassing polaroid, and the chorus is about Earthrise.

Give us a hint about the painting -- size, imagery?


Dave Leeke said...

I've left the song to churn around a bit longer - but the chorus is indeed about Earthrise.

The painting was about 4-5ft high and the angel took up most of the painting - the wings were spread out I think and definitely female. Although it's difficult to remember exactly, I think I'd know it if I saw it. It was probably quite erotic.

Brendini said...

Dave, as a piece of advice, you could rhyme spoon or June with Moon. Does that help?

Dave Leeke said...