Wednesday, 10 February 2010

fire and wine

Now is the time for fire and wine.

It seems to be snowing again, what a winter this is turning out to be. I moved away from Stevenage some 27 or so years ago and I've lived in Suffolk for about 21 years.  In all that time we've had little really bad weather - living by the sea tends to keep the climate mild.  However, for the first time, we're experiencing really "bad" weather.  By that I mean snow. I went out in the car earlier ( to get some, er, mushrooms - obviously I didn't need any beer) and the damned car froze up in the 5 minutes that I was in the Supermarket and was covered in snow!  As I drove back down our road, it looked just like the photos I posted of our street in January.  As I am currently driving a Toyota, gentle reader, you may be concerned for my safety, but fear not - the pedals are holding out but what is going on?  At this time of year I'm expecting Spring to be, well, springing out.

Obviously, we're not going to get any snow days but we do seem to be stuck in a poor weather syndrome here.  I could do with a few  days off - it's not going to happen.  Ah well, I'm listening to the great Steve Ashley:

Now is the time for fire and wine
fire for body and wine for mind
we will sing and play till break of day 
and we will sing the frost away

I'm sipping a fine single malt (they may have contacted me but haven't forwarded any more - see a previous posting, if you're keeping up) and about to go to bed - tired after all the celebrations from yesterday (!) or maybe just tired from what life throws at us.

I haven't quite got round to lighting the burner but wine is certainly playing a part in our daily lives.  However, tomorrow is another day.

Spring like the tide coming in
you ride on the tail of the wind
when winter has broken us
you put new hope in us
I call your name in the wind

Another Steve Ashley song.  Why didn't the guy reach the heights he should have?  I guess each generation needs its secret truth-tellers. I know a fair few friends that know of Steve's stuff - none of us are embarrassed that we listen to him and haven't exiled him to some sort of "could've been a contender" oblivion.

I could tell some stories . . . maybe I will one day.  A great bloke.  One of our greatest songwriters.


Andy Wright said...

On the subject of 'lifes soundtracks' Steve Ashley continues to feature in mine thoughout the year but particularly from the end of September when so many of his songs become beautifully 'topical'.
A couple of years ago I sang 'Spirit of Christmas' at a Carol concert and many in the audience were keen to know who had written the song. I told them with the hope that at least some would seek out some of the composers albums.......I bet thy didn't. Shame realy. he deserves more.
Ps. Many Happy returns for Tuesday. May you have many, many more.

Dave Leeke said...

Thank you, I plan to. Mind you, I don't plan on growing up for a while yet. We need to have our own "fire and wine" moment soon. It'll be more like beer and balti in Bombay Nites!

There's some great Steve Ashley live videos on YouTube - "Spirit of Christmas" is on there.