Wednesday, 6 January 2010

the snows they melt the soonest

Well, the snow has hit us big time much like the rest of the country. However, in the twenty odd years I've lived down here on the coast, this is the first time that we've experienced anything like this. I'm sure that the snow will hang around and cause much more grief for our friends from the north but at least we've managed to get a day off school for once.

I took the photo that may accompany this posting (technology allowing) yesterday on the way to school at about 8:10. I walked along past the same spot at midday today and thought about taking a photo from the same spot. I decided that a few blocks of grey wouldn't really look too good in the end. So I didn't bother. The photo doesn't make up for the missed sunset from Sunday but, once again, it gives me an opportunity to try to get myself better acquainted with the various type of technology on offer. Speaking as a Luddite I am struggling at times. Mind you, I took my phone to the Wherephone? Carhouse earlier as I'm fed up with a) it not working and b) everyone telling me that I'm useless and that I should c) take it back to get it checked out. I did c) and it looks like a) I was right, however b) continues to be the case. Maybe I'll get it sorted sometime this year if the Pony Express manage to get through from Ipswich and back again.

I'm off to finish my ever-growing list of things to write about. The first "re-view" of an old favourite album is upcoming so I'd better go and listen to it with a notebook and pencil in hand to make sense of 34 years of listening pleasure. Now, let's see if I can get the picture to load up onto this blog . . .

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